29 August 2006

unconscious egocentric

I had troubles falling asleep last night and about 2 at night took a sleeping pill; the second I have ever taken. Me getting up in the morning is old habitual routine—at 6 some wake-up music plays (currently it is Wild Strawberries"I Don't Want to Think About It"), I wake up for a minute, let the melodies embrace me, fall asleep again and open my eyes voluntarily about 9. Which is really fine time for getting up.

From my lunch with coworkers I left early to have a walk, smoke a cigarette, achieve a sense of awakening. I did not pay the bill before I left, but on the walk I picked up some money from the ATM to compensate whoever ended up paying for my lunch.

Until the late afternoon I was not entirely there—looking at familiar places and people, but feeling strangely distant. I had some troubles with migrating a another teams project code to newer libraries; application menus just did not appear, although the configuration was copied from another machine, where things somewhat worked. Software ignoring people.

When leaving the office I narrowly missed the mass transport and walked to nearby shopping centre to buy some food for the evening. Picked up a cheese and big Earl Grey Extra, walked to the cashier, mentally ready to present both my debit and client card as I have done hundreds times before. I did not find debit card in my wallet however. Realization that I had left my card at the ATM was immediate, calm and unsurprising. I had almost exact amount of cash for buying what i had picked up.

Sparkles of self-irony lurking in my unconcentrated mind, I walked another hundred meters to next bus stop, checked the schedule; smelly bus was about to arrive in 5 minutes.

It did not. That line is supposed to run at about 20 min intervals. I cannot stand waiting, so I took a walk to the ATM where I had lost my card when the bus schedule had slipped more than 10 minutes. Imagining my nice blue card lying on the side of the ATM keyboard. Being quite near to my office I smiled to myself, went to my nice place at the nice office, sat behind my nice computer, logged into my evil moneygrabbing bank.

Your Information->Cards->YOU HAVE NO CARDS.

Right. Left the office, went to the bus station. One bus came in after another but not one I was waiting for. I waited for half an hour seeing all kinds of mass transport passing by, many of them driving quite near to my destination, skipping them all in the favour of one that i was waiting for. Hugely delayed, a bus finally arrived, not straight down the street like usually, but from another street, out of the route. There was a blonde girl with nice smile on that bus. And loads of people I could not stand, if I knew them.

When arriving home, I felt strangely excited. Nothing out of ordinary has taken place though. Disappointing. I had rare opportunity calmly and superiorly face despair, love, and neighbours.

Fate of my card was very trivial. As no other people were waiting in line, ATM ate and shredded it, new one is already on the way and supposed to arrive at Friday.

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